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Crispiest Prata in Singapore!

Beb, you won't believe how crispy the prata is.

7-8 years ago when I was still dating with my girlfriend (now wife), we used to frequent this joint, RK Eating House, for our prata fix. I cannot believe that they have kept the same standard until now. Even the macha that used to take my order is still the same. The boss must be good then. Need to ask him if there's any work for me or not. Hah!

So to cut the story short, came down to RK Eating House, situated at Serangoon Gardens (you won't miss it), for my supper. I have my video below for evidence.

I think the video speaks for itself.

But, I am quite honoured that the original "Ah Bob Special" which I suggested then to my macha in the video to have 2 Prata Kosong, drowning in chicken and beef/mutton curry with 2 soft boiled eggs is now known as "RK Special".

For all prata lovers, I think you should try this at least once.

RK Eating House is located at 1 Kensington Park Road. Jangan tunggu lama-lama beb! Nak makan prata datang sink.

Why it is so sedap!

The prata here easily aces the Crispy Test - flakes beautifully flaked off and hand-squished into its centre - a small tear gives a bite with both crunch and softness at the same time. The crispy prata secret is really in its shallow-frying where it sits on the oil, not deep-fried and oil-soaked.

Where the prata really excels is in retaining its crisp under a mountain of curry; no sad soggy pieces here! As the prata stands firm alongside the curry, we get the best taste of both. Speaking of curry, RK Prata serves spectacular ones with soft flaky beef and a mouthful of distinct flavours without the sandiness of under-cooked spices that is commonly served with prata elsewhere.

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